Sign the petition to allow adult use

Thanks to the incredible efforts of John Morgan and United for Care in 2016, patients in Florida are no longer treated like criminals and now have regulated access to nature’s finest and safest medicine.

Like alcohol, cannabis has been consumed and enjoyed for thousands of years.  Since 2014, states like Colorado, Washington and now several others have proven that regulated use for adults over 21 is a far better solution than needlessly wasting valuable law enforcement resources.

So what are we waiting for and what will regulating cannabis do for Florida?

  •  Cannabis legalization for adults will significantly increase tourism
  •  It will provide a massive boost to the economy
  •  Thousands of new jobs will be created
  •  It will ease the workload on law enforcement professionals
  •  Sales tax from lawfully sold cannabis will provide huge new financial resources to the state
  •  Underage use of marijuana will decrease once the black market is weakened
  •  Well-regulated new industries and new products will become legally available for adults over 21


Ready to sign?  Just three easy steps:

1) Print

You can print the petition on either two double-sided sheets of paper or four separate sheets. Then staple them in the proper order.


2) Sign

Fill in all required fields on the first page and be sure to date and sign and date the last page so that your petition will count. Leaving any required field blank will nullify your petition so double-check to make sure everything is completed.


3) Mail



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