Get involved

There are many ways for you to help change Florida's cannabis laws.


First and foremost, we need nearly 700,000 signed and verified petitions to make us eligible to be on the ballot in November 2016. That means we will need to collect about a million signatures.

Under the tab marked "Petition" you will find the petition to "Regulate Marijuana in a Manner Similar to Alcohol." Your part in this effort is to print out that petition on regular printer paper, fill in all the required information and date and sign the last page. Mail it to the address on the bottom of the last page. Then print out some for your family and friends. Then print out some more. Keep copies of the petition with you and if you have the opportunity to engage anyone in conversation who is supportive of reform, be sure to have that person sign the petition too.

Keep in mind that there are many people who will think that they have already signed the petition. Point out to them that this is not a medical petition. This is for regulated adult use. And only registered Florida voters can sign. Please do ask if they are registered.

Share the Message:

Our message is that Regulation, not Prohibition is the answer to a sensible marijuana policy for Florida. Explain that Prohibition has had no effect on the number of cannabis users, that by regulating the market, marijuana becomes less available to an illegal, unregulated criminal market where IDs are not checked and where quality cannot be controlled.


We need volunteers of varying skills who have 1 hour per week, 1 hour per day, or any amount of time. We will need volunteers to help answer phones, to make calls, to mail out petitions. We need volunteers to collect signatures on petitions. We are a grassroots organization without the backing of a multi-millionaire and we need your help.

There will be events where we will need your assistance at the Regulate Florida booth, as well as in other ways. Sign up to volunteer at the bottom of this page. Tell us what you can do and what you want to do. We need you.

Spread The Word:

In addition to signing and getting petitions signed by others, we need you to help to spread the word about Regulate Florida. Tell your friends. Share on FaceBook and Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, whatever social media you use and are comfortable with. Every share is crucial to getting Regulate Florida into the conversation about Florida's marijuana laws.

An easy way to help to spread the word is to wear a Regulate Florida t-shirt which we have available as a reward for a recommended donation. Wearing a shirt with a positive message on it helps to start conversations and will give you an opportunity to share what you know about cannabis. It will also give you the chance to get a petition signed, or to direct a supporter to

Register to Vote:

You cannot change the law if you don't vote. If you need to register or change your voter registration in any way, you can print out this form and mail it to the address indicated for your county listed here.


You can donate in any amount to further the cause. This will be a costly campaign. There will be well-funded opposition and we need to respond to the false information that they will be disseminating. We need to educate those who are still trapped in the "Reefer Madness" days of lies and scare tactics.

It takes money to print and process the petitions. It takes money to fight falsehoods and inflammatory rhetoric. It takes money to spread our message to all parts of the state, particularly in the areas where our message will be misconstrued.

Please donate what you can either as a one-time donation or as a monthly amount. Both options are available.