Useful info for volunteers

General Talking Points

The marijuana industry already exists in Florida. It is just underground, and only benefits cartels, drug dealers, and does not require payment of taxes. Regulate Florida wants to eliminate the black market by empowering a legitimized market to step forward to benefit the State rather than be a huge tax burden to Florida taxpayers.

A regulated market will protect our youth by preventing access, it will stimulate our economy, create thousands of jobs, grow our communities instead of locking people up and destroying families, and reallocate law enforcement funds to more serious crimes.

This is regulated adult use. Please use the term "regulated adult use" when discussing the petition.


What Regulate Florida Stands for

  • A. To not allow access to minors.
  • B. To not permit smoking and driving.
  • C. To be educated about the different uses and forms of cannabis.
  • D. To license legitimate businesses to enter the cannabis market place.
  • E. To permit limited home cultivation.
  • F. To encourage green growing principles, minimizing power, water, and environmental impact.
  • G. To establish reasonable fees, taxes, and costs to minimize a black market for cannabis.
  • H. To encourage responsible educated use by adults.
  • I. To prevent criminal records for people using cannabis responsibly.
  • J. To require sales by only licensed growers, manufacturers, and retail establishments.
  • K. To require only individuals with sufficient moral character to run marijuana businesses, and prevent the involvement of criminal enterprises.
  • L. To create jobs and increase the economy and tourism in the state of Florida.

Facts about Cannabis in a Regulated Adult market

NO Increase in Teen use or Acceptance.
700 Million in Sales to the State.
70 Million Dollars in Taxes Generated.
Reduction in Suicide Rates.
Creation of Jobs.
Strict Compliance Prevents Access by Minors.
Increase in Tourism and Stimulation of the Florida Economy.
Reduction in the Use of Opiates.
Reduction in Opiate Overdoses.
Reduction in Traffic Fatalities.
Reallocation of Law Enforcement Resources to Stop Violent Crime.
Reducing Cartel Involvement in the Marijuana Drug Trade.

Petition Guidelines

  • Be polite and positive.
  • Say "please" and "thank you".
  • Wear your Regulate Florida t-shirt.
  • Ask if they want to allow people to vote.
  • Inform them they are not saying they support the petition if they sign it, they are just allowing the citizens of Florida to vote.
  • If someone says no, move on, it is better to get signatures from others walking by rather than trying to convince someone.
  • Blue pens are the best, have extra pens.
  • Put a Regulate Florida sticker on your clipboard to attract attention.
  • Try to stay in public areas.
  • If someone asks you to leave and you believe you have the right to be there, politely ask them why, if they insist you leave, do so politely and ask for their name and position.